Language Placement

German Language Placement Information

Language Study Requirement

College of Arts and Science (Undergraduates)

Students in the 
College of Arts and Science (CAS) need to complete a fourth semester of language study as part of their Morse Academic Plan (MAP). For German, this would entail completing Intermediate German II (GERM-UA 04) or Intensive Intermediate German (GERM-UA 20). 

Course Placement

Students who have never studied German before should enroll in either Elementary German I (GERM-UA 01) or Intensive Elementary German (GERM-UA 10).

All other students must show proof of placement through the

WebCAPE Online Exam

Students must take the WebCAPE online exam if they have none of the following:

i.  a score from the SAT Subject Test in German
ii.  a score of 4 or 5 on the German Language and Culture AP Test
iii.  a score of 6 or 7 on the IB German Test (High Level)

Students must take the test before they can register for German class.  Students entering NYU and having taken university-level German courses at a non-NYU site must also take the WebCAPE exam.  Please note that the WebCAPE online exam may not be used to fulfill the MAP language study requirement; it is only used for placement purposes.

The WebCAPE online placement exam in German consists of a series of multiple-choice questions on vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. Since it is an adaptive test, the length varies from one individual to another, with an average time of 20 minutes.  At the exam welcome screen students must provide their name, last name, NYU email and N number.  The score and placement recommendation will be provided to the student and to the Department of German immediately upon completion of the exam.  Students must print their score and bring it to class on the day of class.

Please be aware that the exam must represent each student’s own work.  Students are bound by New York University’s College of Arts and Science Code of Academic Integrity, which can be found at the following site:

To take the WebCAPE online placement exam please go to: 
Upon arriving at the site, you will be prompted to enter a password.  This password is nyulanguage.  At the next screen you need to choose "German" from the dropdown menu and then click on “Begin.”

See the box below for placement equivalencies. 

WebCAPE Online 
Exam Score

places student in

279 and under 

Elementary German I (GERM-UA 1) or 
Intensive Elementary German (GERM-UA 10)

280 - 379  

Elementary German II (GERM-UA 2)

380 - 449

Intermediate German I (GERM-UA 3) or 
Intensive Intermediate German (GERM-UA 20)

450 - 599 

Intermediate German II (GERM-UA 4)

600 - 679

Conversation and Composition (GERM-UA 111),

as well as other courses on the 100-level.  
A student receiving a score of 600 or above and wishing to fulfill the MAP language requirement needs to take the in-person placement exam offered through the Office of Academic Affairs.  The schedule for this placement test can be found here:

Above 680 

A student with a score of over 680 should contact the German Department for advising.


For further information about German language courses or placement information, contact the Department at 212-998-8650.